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B + S Couples Shoot

So a few weeks ago.... I needed a Camera therapy day.... So I got into my car and drove 2+ hrs to Williams, Az. It had been too long since I did something for me, as an Artist, so I drove... I found a random couple in a shop and asked if I could take their picture. They were like ummm... sure..... AND then this happened <3

Sara & Bo

Sara sent us a little love note to add to the blog!

Well, Bo and I have only been together for a short time (5m) but upon meeting him, it felt very natural like i've known him longer. He's a very patient and understanding man, just what I needed at the time but had no idea. I had just moved to Long Beach 2 years ago. We were traveling to Arizona cause he met my entire family! Which is brave of him cause my family can be chaotic like most families, I suppose. So it meant a lot to me that he met them. And we were just passing through Williams to just look around before going home. I feel I've found the person for me. I didn't like my name until he told me he did, said it fit well in his mouth, loved the way it rolled off his tongue, always stapling it to the end of his sentences and our conversations and I love you's, and ever since I'm not only just glad it's mine but full of warmth too.

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