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B + C Engagement Session

This is my Famous couple that own "The Engagement Dog" from the shocking photo of their dog trying to eat their GORGEOUS ring <3

I love when clients write my blogs for me :-)

Here is what Chris had to same to my few questions I asked him:

Chris’s answers for your questions: I’m proud of Brooke each and everyday for a lot of different reasons whether it be something she has accomplished at work, something she is doing for her own business, or simply just the way she lives her life. However the time I was most proud of her when she decided to take a leap and start her own business. It takes a lot of courage and faith in yourself to want to take on such a challenge at the age of 25 but she did, and she is killing it. Never been more proud. My three favorite things about Brooke are tough to choose cause there are so many things I absolutely love about her. I will go with these three though, her absolutely gorgeous smile. Her drive and passion for everything in her life especially her job and family. And third I will say the way she lives life. She is the most genuine person I have ever met. She is always smiling and trying to make others smile. She is an absolute sweet heart to everyone she knows or meets and its genuine. That’s what I love most about her. I promise to always love her with all of my heart for all the years of our lives together. I promise to always care for and protect her in anyway and everyway I possibly can. I also promise to try and be her rock whenever she needs me whether that be as a best friend, husband, and hopefully some day a father to her kids. The moment I needed her the most was probably the moment I left all my friends and family back in central Nebraska and moved 300 miles away to pursue the love of my life. I had always lived close to all my family and friends for the first 27 years of my life so it was a huge decision for me but something in my heart told me it was the right decision. She was so supportive as well as her family. They helped me to feel right at home out here and I’ve never felt any different. She went back with me whenever I wanted to see my friends and visit my family and when they come out here I see the excitement she feels for me to get to spend time with them. We met at a husker tailgate in Lincoln. I was there for my brother’s bachelor party and not knowing it at the time Spencer, her brother, and I had a mutual friend who they happened to be with. So when they showed up at the tailgate our mutual friend introduced us and the ball just started rolling. Was it love at first sight I feel like it was for me. I remember after the game got over we all decided to walk downtown for a few drinks and she just took my hand and started pulling me through the crowds of people leaving Memorial Stadium. I remember the whole time this was happening I was yelling to my brother who was trying to keep up with us and not lose his cooler, “Travis, I’m going to merry this girl.” So yes for me it was love at first sight!!!! The first thing I noticed about her is easy. Her gorgeous smile. Favorite thing to do together is probably playing volleyball, which for me can be rough sometimes, golfing, playing with the pups, and being with our families no matter what we are doing. In 5 years I see us still here in Gering, hopefully with a couple little ones, enjoying our life together. The things we do for fun are a lot of the same favorite things we do together. We don’t usually get to crazy but we do try and take a vacation to phoenix every year for a Nascar race. We look forward to that every year and I think the tradition will continue. We ended up together by the grace of god. I was at a point in my life where I really had no idea what direction I needed to go in life and meeting her completely changed that. She makes me a much better person in all aspects of life and I hope I make her better in some aspects of hers. Together we make a pretty solid team and I can’t wait for what he has in store for us in the coming years. I’m a lucky guy and I know that and I thank God everyday for putting her in my life.

Here is what Brooke had to say:

Write the time you were the most proud of the other and why?
The time I was proudest of Chris is when he made the decision to move from central Nebraska (Kearney) to western Nebraska (Gering). This was a huge life decision for him because he had to leave where he grew up and lived all of his life, along with his awesome friends to move to a place that he really only knew me and my family. From this he has gained great new friendships, a wonderful career, and me! I am proud he had the courage to jump into the unknown for us and our relationship to grow. Write three of your favorite things about the other: I love his patience. Chris is one of the most kind and loving people I know. He accepts all people and can see the good in everyone! Chris is so loyal, and that is a rare trait to find in people anymore. I really admire this about him. Write three things you promise to always do for the other: I promise to always continue to make our life together an adventure by continuing to go to places we have both always wanted to go and do things we both have always wanted to do. I promise always love him. ☺ I promise to never stop chatting his ear off. Chris is a great listener and passes no judgement, so it is very easy for me to talk to him. Write the moment you needed the other the most
We have been through a life altering situations together, just yet anyways, but I would say that I need him the most during our engagement! It is very stressful planning a wedding and it is great that I can bounce all my crazy ideas off of him. How did you meet? At a Husker tailgate in Lincoln in 2012. My older brother and one of his best friends was in town for the weekend to celebrate their birthdays. As it turns out my brother’s friend is originally from Ravenna (where Chris is from) and took us to this tailgate only a few blocks from the outside of Memorial Stadium. Chris had been in town for his brother’s bachelor party. I got invited to go to Travis’ (Chris’s brother) wedding only 3 weeks away and thought why not! It was history ever since. Was it love at first sight? No, but there was definitely something different about Chris than any other boy. What did you notice first about him/her? His eyes, they are so kind! What is your favorite things to do together? We love to golf together and are in a co-ed volleyball league that we really enjoy! I also love when we cook together. He usually does the grilling and I help prepare the side. Where do you see yourselves in 5 years? I see both of us really settling into our careers and having a couple of kiddos! What do you guys do for fun? We enjoy hanging out with our friends either by going out to eat or enjoying a round of golf with them. Chris loves to smoke and grill meat so we like to have some backyard BBQ’s in the summer.

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