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J + S Engagement Session

This couple... Well all I can say is I am truly grateful and lucky to have met such a kind and lovely couple. I was gifted the pleasure of capturing both their engagement photos and wedding next march... Talk about a match made in heaven <3 Pretty sure she calls him, her superman ;-)

Jennifer's response to the questions:

How did you meet? Stac and I met 3-17-2011 in the most romantic way possible... drunk in a bar.

Was it love at first sight? It was interest at first sight. I knew that I'd get to know him sooner than later. What did you first notice about him? As cheesy as it sounds, his huge.... personality. He was being goofy and crazy and didn't care what anyone thought. What's your favorite thing to do together? Cuddle, in bed, on the couch, any time we can. We don't have to even be paying attention to each other as long as we're touching. Where do you see yourself in five years? Honestly not far from where we are now. In the next couple years after we get married we plan on buying another home and taking a cruise to Alaska. I will continue to push him and support him as he works towards his dream to be a police officer. How did you know you'd be together? Sometimes in life you meet someone that you know will always be in your life to some capacity. That person, no matter the distance, no matter the time, no matter the circumstance, will always be there as if nothing has ever changed. I have been blessed with 2 of those in my life, my best girlfriend and Stac. When you step into a serious relationship later in life there are less questions. You learn to trust you gut. You also learn what you do and don't tolerate. The longer our friendship lasted the more I knew Stac and I were simply meant to be together. It just took our minds a few years to get out of the way so we could be together. Stac and I are alike in a lot of ways and different in just enough way that it allows us to live separately together. We love spending time together doing everything from shopping, to going on a date, to having family time, but we also love doing our own thing. This gives us something to share with each other. With Stac my head is less hectic. I'm able to shut down when he's around. He makes me laugh. I feel safe when he's around. And best of all??? He does dishes and takes dance lessons with me... isn't he dreamy?!?! I love this man in ways I didn't know were possible. I look forward to many many years of adventures with him.

Stacy's response to the questions:

How did you meet? St. Patrick's Day 2011 at the bar. I was really drunk, but all I could see was her. Was it love at first sight? It was last at first sight. She was a person I wanted to be with, I was and still am very infatuated with her. What did I notice of her first? Her smile. Her smile not only brighten the room but my soul is well. When she smiles were sold signs through. She brings a calmness to my mind and spirit. Where do I see us in five years? A new home with many more adventures under our belts. What do we do for fun? Cuddle, go to the movies, hiking, family time. Why do I think we ended up together? Fate, nothing could keep us apart. I'm so happy I was so persistent in my efforts to catch her. She makes me strive to be a better person. She has made me whole Innoway I thought wasn't possible. I try to make her smile every day. My day isn't complete without her smile. I tried to be the man she deserves every day.

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