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A Letter to My Mother

Dear Mom.

Thank you for being the best Mom anyone could ask for. You have taught me so much about raising my own family that I don't believe there are enough words that can describe how incredible you really are.

I am the Mom I am because of you... I remember as a small child, Chelsey & I would do our best to make your eyes pop out of your head because we thought it was funny..... well I also remember you wishing me the same courtesy with my own children.... You will be happy to know your wish came true!

They are the most amazing kids I could have asked for. Smart, funny, adorable, sweet little shits ;-) They make me smile one second and cringe the next.... but I am learning that, that is pretty much motherhood. Hahaha! They test every inch of my sanity and then make my heart melt all at the same time. I only want to thank you for EVERYTHING... you taught me how to cook, do laundry, pay bills, love, raise children... basically be an adult. I hope I am half as great as a Mom as you are because if I am, I know I will be just fine! There is a song that reminds me of you every time i hear it. "Mom" by Meghan Trainor. Watching my kids grow up has been the most amazing part of being a Mom! I am making a point to capture every moment of them growing so I will never forget how cute and sweet they once were before they grow up to be like Chelsey and I.... just kidding! Love you Mom <3

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