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E + R Hernandez

Mrs. Heidi Barnes: Wow! I have a thousand thoughts and emotions! My sister and I always sit and laugh and tell our parents that they set us up for unrealistic romantic partnerships because we will never know a love like theirs. My parents knew in a matter of weeks that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. My mom often tells us about the day she met my dad and knew that she was meant to marry him. All my life, I will live grateful to know firsthand a love like theirs. They really were meant to live their lives together, to love one another, to create this family. They are the glue that hold us together. When I entered your contest I initially though of me, I have a fiancé whom I adore and want to create those memories with, but I thought my parents would be perfect! They are so deserving, so real, their love is admirable and it's never ever been about them, they have always put their kids and grandkids first. I wrote to you in a serendipitous moment, channeling my parents love and crossing fingers and toes that you would even consider them. I waited, and finally I thought maybe she chose someone else. The idea of entering my parents and their love being captured in a photograph made me emotional and I felt like the luckiest person in the world when you chose to invest your time in my parents! After your photo session with my parents, they came home so happy, so fulfilled. Their experience with you was such an intimate soul touching experience for them that They knew, whatever you might have seen in them or captured they would absolutely love. As an artist you captured their spirit, and you in return got to see the couple my parents were. Both my parents felt completely open and free. I've taken long to adequately put my feeling into a proper letter. Thank you for your time, for creating such beautiful and emotional photographs, my mom and I went through every single one and cried and hugged and admired. I will never have enough words to thank you for the gift not only to my parents but also to my Sister Cristina and I. We will all cherish these gorgeous images even when they are longer here with us. It will be so tough to exist in a world were our parents don't but through these images we will find their spirits captured perfectly. We're beyond excited! Thank you a million times! You are truly amazing! Love and Respect Always Elvia

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